Walking with Shamans 2 (Along The Journey)_2014

-a.s.o.h.k- -smokalot ent- -lbc fam- -warrior type wizards- -lcob- -demonios angelos- -lost poetry- -atak- -atlantis army- -pillars of enlightenment- 

Walking with Shamans 2 (Along The Journey)_2014
20/09/2014 Along the Journey on my Shamanic Path

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Liner Notes

Spirit Traveller, World wide builder


Eternal Turbulence (Warrior Type Wizards-Texas)
Erks Orion (LCOB-Argentina)
Morfhatma (DemoniosAngelos-Greece)
Conscaddah Sosa (Lost Poetry-Tanzania)
Tewoldee Issac (ATAK-Eritrea)
Autonymous (Atlantis Army-US)
RockspeecheZ (Pillars Of Enlightenment-SA)
Dee (A.S.H.O.K-SA)
Third Eye Poet (A.S.O.H.K-SA)
Aphex (A.S.O.H.K-SA)
Alkaline (LA)
Milz (A.S.O.H.K-SA)


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